Jemma was a wonderful start to my morning. Time to craft something delicious to coax my appetite into coming back. 

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Tiny against the majesty of Europe.

Tiny against the majesty of Europe.

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On a beautiful Sunday in Munich I saw
the colour of the young   
& the elegance of the old. 

numbness too often to realise
Tears for you,  but with odd relief
I’m still here, I still feel
I still ache with my surroundings
I should have said yes today
and not divert with hurried speech
because my song has choked to silence
I’m ashamed to say I had one but
I used to sing- every day.

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Ice creams in Japan.

This movie is one I would indulge alone in the alluring darkness of the cinema. 

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the Twisting clutch of expression held back,
a clogged pipe rusts with a stifled scream.
Ugly built arms of uncertainty grips-
and old fiends around the corner jeer.
Fed by honesty, only the heart keeps hope
the desire is pure, the goal is real;
But the eyes dull down,
the hands fall limp
and the soles take root where I am told is steady.

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I like him best because he loves the person I am in front of my failings and behind societal conventions. (I don’t sometimes, even when no one is around. Laughing at my own weird noises and jokes just isn’t cute after the first five thousand times.)

We were going through his million trophies while clearing his room, most of them for running. I own no trophies, and meekly confessed to routinely failing my annual 2.4km run. I was small and skinny but couldn’t carry my weight across the finish line in under twenty minutes. YES I AM PATHETIC 

He cupped my face in his hands and laughed for a full minute before wrapping his arms around my head. Far from humiliated, I felt precious and laughed a little bit too.
I like you the most because you love my personalised failings as much as you inspire my strengths. 

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I will remember you most as the genie. I can never imagine him dead, with the infinite amount of life you gave him.


I’ve been functioning with so much anger recently. But less with power, built thinly by hits in the gut and lumps in the throat. The fury collapses quickly making a weak and crumpled barrier.

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