Captions and photos by and from the dearest boyfriend. 

It was quite a while ago, but its quite scary/cool how I remember the details of that day. 

I started the day with, Harry Potter. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the Action Game. Aren’t I just the coolest. YES I am because it is incredibly fun and very nostalgic!   

So then at about three I made my way down to the diving centre to sign up for my next driving test with Deon, butttttt we decided to ditch the queue and head to the Arts and Science Museum for the Dali and Titanic exhibitions. I am a newly born exhibition lover! Since learning that not all exhibitions were framed up pictures and items, I am very interested. Though I was accused of being too slow, I believe that we should soak up all the information/culture we get from every exhibition, yes? Yes!

Hahaha nevertheless, I loved both of them. Dali was interesting, his different way of thinking and interpreting everyday objects was something to think about. Though if I had to pick, Titanic was better. I loved how they brought the feel and ambience of each stage of the Titantic’s legend, through artifacts they recovered, stories they revealed, layout, structure, music, everything fit wonderfully. Exhibition standards (in my mind) brought to a whole new level. 

What better way to end the night with good food and the company of the Shortcakes? It may sound dorky, but I love telling friends and family about us. ‘oh Joan is my best friend, and her boyfriend Andrew was roommates with Deon on a school trip and really good friends too, so four of us like to hang out together, its so awesome. Like those best friends you want for the rest of your life kinda thing, hee hee.’ 

Oh and amazing pasta. I literally could not stop thinking about it for the next few days.

In terms of a good day, it was a good, solid, 11/11. Aha, get it? :D

+ 11.27.11
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