100 million dollars

I wish Yesterday was recorded. Nothing special planned, but special was the company.
All the fun, the comfort, the teasing, playing, wit, plans, jokes. How I’d describe spring; New, refreshed, delightful!

bed/sister/sweet/Disney/lunch/fooseball/work/christmas songs

work/tree/fooseball/cheating/teasing/laughing/fooseball x10

walk the dog/fries/starbucks/fries/home/fooseball/couch/Mr Bean

work/dinner/dishes/goodbye kiss 


Deon: ‘Imagine what I’d do if I had 100 million dollars.’
Me: ‘you’d buy a house for your clothes, a house for your toys,’
'I'm not going to waste my money on houses!' 
'It'll cost you what, two million a house? You'll have 96 million left!!!'
'ohhhhhhhh I'd buy that house with the shop below! And the upstairs for us!'
'Your shop would be quite awesome. Best material, best printing, everything!!'
'Aaaaah! We could work as..'
'Nothing! We don't have to work! Though we would because we want to, but we don't have to! You can live on a million a year, that is considering you live a 100 more years.'
'Yes! Say a person say earns 5000 a month. How many is that a year?'
'60 000?'
(face fills with intense delight)
'We could go travelling around the world!!'
'I could buy myself out of NS!!!!!!!!!!!!'
'Hahahaha! Yeah!!!'
'Psssht I could buy my best friend out of NS!!!'
'Ooooh who would you buy out of NS?'
'Actually, no need. I have you.'
'Awwwwwww :)'
'We could get married tomorrow!!!!”
'And travel around the world!!!!!'
'We could fly fancy!!'
'You could get a private jet!!!'
'We could go to Victoria's Market for breakfast, then Disneyland in America, then Italy for Dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
'Babe, the time to travel?'
'We could get the fastest private jet!!!' 
'Um, no we can't. Even with money.'
'We could hire Phineas and Ferb to build it for us.'
'OOOH. True, true.' 


Me: ‘So, what would you do if you could only do one thing your entire life?’
Deon: ‘hmmm. Be a father!’
'wow, know what my answer was?'
'A mother.'
'puzzle piece!' 

+ 12.02.11
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