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It was an amazing night. I’m so happy. 


the Constrictions of fear feel too greatly like desire,
I’m too aware of the conscious mind
taught too careful, too responsible 
of what is realistically important, what my stubbornness rejects
A hardening war of too many
compressed of all, yet empty.

Even if you’re scared, do it anyway. -Chloe
Money can always be earned back. -Deon

Eunice and I are supporting each other in our lenten sacrifices, she giving up beef alongside me, and I supporting her in giving up social media. (She decided to sacrifice it for me all on her own, Eunice is truly precious and wonderful) She’s left Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, I’ve joined her for all of that except Youtube. (just look at my tabs) I’ve gone off beef as usual, and this really lovely one I got from the lucky draw style box at church. 

Half the family is off to Japan, before the rest of us join them a couple of days later. The prospect of a quiet house really sucks, I can’t wait to get up and land amongst Sakura Streets. Cycling in Hiroshima sounds a damn sight nicer than having heat and haze dog your every move over here. 

Also, I need glasses. Nobody laugh at me. (I look terrible)

15 seconds of the best birthday I have ever, ever had. I really need to write properly about it but I stubbornly don’t want to because I know I will never do it justice in words! I have never felt so loved, or so completely, wonderfully, fully happy. I have, and love, the greatest people in the world. 

We’re all so silly and wonderful. 

WE (Deon and I) LOVVEEEEEE THEM. Favourite weird ‘always end up talking about death in an inappropriately happy way’ cute. So glad walrus is back and it’s the four of us again anticipating dance matches and suppers and sleepovers with my Monica list. They've become family and I/we are blessed and grateful. LOVE THEM, love all of us. Love all of us together. I love you both, Joan and Andrew.


I am grateful, I love, I treasure. These two, I will never have enough to describe in words.

I had a really good day today!

Met Josepg after what feels like ages, laughed a lot, talked a lot. As usual I trudged behind as he shopped, me talking loudly about his future child’s poverty if he kept spending on shirts. We had a funny moment where I thought this other guy was him so I just stood there waiting with my phone out and he suddenly appeared to drag me away, wondering why I was just standing there for that long. It was hilarious.

Oh and he said this
Me (at some decorations) ‘How is pink in any way Christmassy?’
Josepg ‘Maybe because it’s an off-red.’
Me ‘?????????!’
Josepg ‘WHAT I’m trying to!’

I still can’t decide whether or not he made sense.

Then I had school which was really interesting, and after Amanda and I (unsuccessfully) searched Tiong Bahru plaza for some eclairs. Oh but it was our last lesson with our tutor Danny, that was sad. He was good. It is sad.

Now it’s 4am and I shall sleep. Here’s to the rest of the week being good too! I pray.

When Chloe and I had dinner a while back. 
Procrastination is a disease that has infiltrated my very bones. 

I had an extremely lovely weekend with my very dear, very beautiful, SAC graduates turned very best friends.

Intellectually, they’re brilliant! In light heartedness, still very much girls and endearingly so. 

splashing like waterbenders
baby pool sliding
drowing zombies
laughing at nothing
laughing at everything
sweating in the hall
school asking for more money
school being stingy
school tour
school pink
school field
school friends

(photo of me, (3rd from top) taken by the madly talented Lizzles at www.moofings.tumblr/

I proudly proclaim my undying love for the ever ready, super easy, fast to capture, camera phone. For this reason Apple, I adore you. Look at the fun you help me keep! All the love.
I have to think of a name for my phone soon, it must feel so neglected.

+ 8.23.13
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