The light drizzle in the evening touched my cheeks in a kisslike how you do, my dearwhen life goes amiss.I had stepped light to the tune of the glad silver lining,on this cool blue day I could feel Christmas was coming. I heard your lovely voice singing of I growing older, I knew in acceptance and lovethis year had left me much warmer.The hope and the laughs, the dreams yet to become,I’m building my wingsI’m flying into the sun.

The light drizzle in the evening touched my cheeks in a kiss
like how you do, my dear
when life goes amiss.
I had stepped light to the tune of the glad silver lining,
on this cool blue day 
I could feel Christmas was coming. 
I heard your lovely voice singing of I growing older, 
I knew in acceptance and love
this year had left me much warmer.
The hope and the laughs, the dreams yet to become,
I’m building my wings
I’m flying into the sun.

I had a really good day today!

Met Josepg after what feels like ages, laughed a lot, talked a lot. As usual I trudged behind as he shopped, me talking loudly about his future child’s poverty if he kept spending on shirts. We had a funny moment where I thought this other guy was him so I just stood there waiting with my phone out and he suddenly appeared to drag me away, wondering why I was just standing there for that long. It was hilarious.

Oh and he said this
Me (at some decorations) ‘How is pink in any way Christmassy?’
Josepg ‘Maybe because it’s an off-red.’
Me ‘?????????!’
Josepg ‘WHAT I’m trying to justify..it!’

I still can’t decide whether or not he made sense.

Then I had school which was really interesting, and after Amanda and I (unsuccessfully) searched Tiong Bahru plaza for some eclairs. Oh but it was our last lesson with our tutor Danny, that was sad. He was good. It is sad.

Now it’s 4am and I shall sleep. Here’s to the rest of the week being good too! I pray.

mid-week bits

I try to drink in every bit of Christmas spirit I can find in this country, though its getting increasingly difficult to harvest anything genuine from the abundance of commercial intentions. Nothing irks me like ‘HITACHI’ glaring underneath every set of Christmas lights. 

Studying is great when information is smoothly understood. As an added bonus too, now that I’ve been practicing, my handwriting significantly easier to read! Now to actually understand the questions I have to answer…..

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When Chloe and I had dinner a while back. 
Procrastination is a disease that has infiltrated my very bones. 

Its been an unpleasant day so far. Last night though, was the BEST.
I’m miserable living here but these two yesterday made it the greatest place in the world. The amazing pastas helped too, along with piles upon piles of cheesy olive mushroom pizza, RAVIOLI, lemon cake, peaches, apple fizz. Not forgetting the one odd tile from the world’s greatest piece of improvisation. I can’t remember the last time I laughed myself into a teary, blubbering but happy, mess. Happy Birthday dear Megs, I love love love LOVE you! 

My one moment of genius.
I smudged it so now my thigh has a huge black ink mark.
Creepy photos of myself I send to my boyfriend. This one says, ‘I SEE YOU ALWAYS WHILE LOOKING SURPRISED’.
‘You have an ulcer, I have an ulcer.’ Our version on the romantic ‘bird’ line, except only he has the ulcer. I just pretend for support.
My faces at school.
Baby tweety messy table is in Perth and is going to buy fudge back. YAY FUDGE!

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For an essay I’m writing a lot on analogue photography, so I’m posting quite a few of them too. 

I’m reblogging from my art blog because it is less of a hassle. I also acknowledge recently posting the first photograph with a poem, but it matches well to this one of my beautiful mom. 


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Comic Con 2013, MBS. Everything is at MBS nowadays, I need to remember I have half a falafel pita pocket in the fridge. Fun with friends, inspired here and there and starting to really draw again. The Iron Man suits aren’t half as mesmerising without Robert Downey Jr bringing them to life, but amazing designing nevertheless!  

oh and here are more kids. My photos really bore me now I’m so frustrated! psssssssssssssssssssh

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